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Furthering our commitment to inclusion and diversity

Mark Tarr, CEO
As you’ll see in our annual Inclusion & Diversity Report, 2019 was a year of strength for our Company’s I&D program. However, as recent events across the country have shown us, we still have a long way to go in cultivating meaningful change to create more inclusive societies, and that includes in our workplaces.

To further Encompass Health’s commitment to create a trusting environment where all ideas are welcomed and employees feel comfortable and empowered to have discussions about diversity and inclusion, I joined business leaders across the country to take the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge. By pledging to do what’s right, we can make meaningful change and create more inclusive workplaces in our communities.

At Encompass Health, our values have remained important reminders of how inclusion and diversity make a difference in how we successfully engage with our employees, patients, communities and business partners.

- Mark Tarr, president and CEO

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The way forward

Why a diverse workforce helps us better care for our patients

Barb Jacobsmeyer, EVP
Since launching our I&D program more than a decade ago, we have come a long way in strengthening our inclusion and diversity efforts within our Home Office, hospitals and home health and hospice agencies. We’ve made great progress in placing diverse team members in leadership roles, committees and staff, but these efforts aren’t just documented in numbers. We are stronger when we have the input and experience of individuals who represent our diverse patients and the communities in which we serve.

That advancement needs to continue now more than ever, and we at Encompass Health need to challenge ourselves to provide a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

- Barb Jacobsmeyer, EVP, president of inpatient rehabilitation

Taking our I&D efforts to the next level

April Anthony, CEO, home health and hospice
In the home setting, inclusion and diversity takes on a different form, presenting different challenges and opportunities. That’s why in 2020, we are committed to taking outcomes to the next level and to be more intentional about efforts around inclusion and diversity. The team will organize its first Inclusion & Diversity Committee as part of the Company’s I&D Council and plans to launch additional regional committees throughout the year.

Our goal is to come together as a community in a way that not only represents The Encompass Health Way but that also produces a model for a more ideal way to work and live together in harmony and unity while serving our patients in their homes.

- April Anthony, CEO, home health and hospice

I&D areas of focus

Encompass Health’s I&D agenda is designed to prepare the organization to respond to our rapidly changing diverse nation and healthcare environment. The areas of focus will ensure Encompass Health’s ongoing efforts throughout our organization to improve care delivery and population health in the communities we serve.


Attract, develop and retain a uniquely talented workforce which fosters an open and inclusive work environment and is knowledgeable and responsive to the diverse communities of patients we serve.




Patient experience

Foster an inclusive health care environment conducive to exceptional patient care where all patients feel welcome and have equal access to high quality, culturally and linguistically relevant care, thus improving patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.


Supplier diversity

Maintain a supplier base program that is reflective of the diverse communities we serve offering contracting opportunities with manufacturers, distributors and service providers that are certified as minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned and small disadvantaged-owned businesses.

Community partnerships

Cultivate relationships with community organizations that can assist in improving the workforce and population health needs of the diverse communities that we serve. Promote our organization as one that values diversity and inclusion.




Build accountability among leadership and employees at all levels to ensure diversity and inclusion is incorporated into our day-to-day business practices.


Cultivate an open, inclusive, and respectable work environment that encourages collaboration and fosters creativity, innovation, and employee engagement.

Fostering a culture of acceptance and inclusion

Brenda Riordan
We understand the nuances of providing care in the home setting and consistently deliver the highest quality patient experience through skilled nursing and skilled therapy services. Our focus is for every patient to receive the best care while in a comfortable, familiar and safe environment. Many of our agencies have been named HomeCare Elite, a national honor awarded to the top 25% of agencies on a region-by-region basis, for quality care and patient experience. The homecare segment has also been nationally recognized for numerous Best Places To Work Awards. These awards reflect the voices of our home health and hospice employees and are a testament to a culture that promotes our Encompass Health values and guiding principle of a better way to care that our nurses and therapists deliver every day.

Living through our values is the best way to continue to ensure inclusion and diversity in the workplace. From leading with empathy and ensuring that we listen to understand, to setting the standard to foster a culture of acceptance and inclusion, it is our belief that all people and perspectives truly make us stronger together.

- Brenda Riordan, EVP, Strategic Operations, Home Health & Hospice

Employee engagement survey results

Each year, employees across our national footprint share their feedback on the direction of our Company. Feedback from the 2019 survey provides valued direction for how we move forward in 2020.



Inpatient rehabilitation facility engagement



Home health and hospice engagement

Diversity data

Our hospitals and home health and hospice agencies treat an incredibly diverse patient population nationwide, and we want our nursing and therapy staff to reflect that diversity in all the communities we serve. Nursing and therapy make up the largest percent of Encompass Health’s workforce, 65%.

Inpatient rehabilitation hospital diversity data

Millennials and Gen Z
Total number
Nursing and nursing support 87.7% 12.3% 55.1% 11,988
Therapy and therapy support 80.4% 19.6% 73.2% 8,259


Home health and hospice diversity data

Millennials and Gen Z
Total number
Nursing and nursing support 92.85% 7.15% 38.66% 4,250
Therapy and therapy support 73.85% 26.15% 42.03% 3,427

Thank you

The Encompass Health Inclusion & Diversity Council is a 30-member governing body of leaders from cross-functional segments of Home Office and hospital leadership. Its members reflect a broad range of professional expertise, serving as advocates for promoting inclusion and diversity at every level of the Company.

“Thanks to an amazing group of leaders whose dedication and commitment to our I&D program continues to set the standard in paving the way forward for an inclusive culture where everyone matters.”

– Yolanda Turner, Inclusion & Diversity manager

Diversity annual report

Learn more about our diversity program and initiatives in our diversity report.

Check out our annual report

Inclusion & Diversity annual report 2019