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Our relationships lead to better care

Our home health aides and medical social workers help with daily tasks and personal care, and assess factors that may affect the patient and family. They also monitor the plan of care and refer patients and families to community resources.

Our home health clinical support team

Medical social worker

Our medical social workers assess the social and emotional factors affecting patients and families.

Home health aide

Our home health aides assist with daily tasks and personal care for patients.

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We are Encompass Health

We celebrate successes – whether it’s a team success, a patient success or even the smallest step. We talk about goals and wanting to achieve them, so when we do, you must honor it and celebrate.

- Encompass Health team member

We are Encompass Health

I always ask my patients, “What can I do for you that’s going to make you feel better?” I ask them what they know about the disease they have, whether it’s diabetes or hypertension. I try to teach and let each one of them know that this is one-on-one time. I don't care how many other patients I have. When I'm with them, I'm with them and only them and I'm focusing on them. Anything that I can do for them, I'm going to do my very best to do that before I leave.

- Encompass Health team member

We are Encompass Health

"Strive to define the standard of excellence" is an Encompass Health promise. Excellence is not the exception, rather a pledge to continue to grow, adjust and deliver the highest standard of practice and customer satisfaction to those we serve.

- Encompass Health team member

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