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Supportive, quality care

Encompass Health hospice clinical support team members, including clinical dietitians, hospice care clinicians, hospice nursing aides, medical social workers, volunteer coordinators, bereavement coordinators, and music and massage therapists educate patients and families and assist them with the emotional and psychological aspects of their end-of-life journey. They also support their pharmaceutical and medical equipment needs, make recommendations to optimize care plans and can help refer community resources.

Our hospice clinical support team

Hospice nursing aide

Our hospice nursing aides deliver compassionate care as they assist patients with activities of daily living and provide care-related services and tasks. This includes maintaining personal hygiene, answering client questions about self-care techniques, and giving instructions that will assist others in providing thorough and overall care.

Medical social worker

Our medical social workers assist hospice care teams in understanding and managing the factors that patients encounter in working through end-of-life health problems. These valuable team members also help patients and their caregivers work through end-of-life decisions.

Clinical dietitian

Clinical dietitians are integral members of our hospice care teams. By assessing each patient’s dietary needs, clinical dietitians are able to advise hospice patients and their families of specific nutritional needs that will complement care plans. This includes recommendations of weight, nutrients and other aspects to maintain dietary needs.

Volunteer coordinator

As the primary resource for hospice volunteer activities, volunteer coordinators manage and deliver a supportive and sensitive approach to volunteers, patients and family needs. Our volunteer coordinators plan and conduct volunteer support meetings, appreciation gatherings and retreats, as well as help the medical social work team with community bereavement awareness.

Bereavement coordinator

Our bereavement coordinators develop educational programs about loss, grief and other coping resources. They also work with the interdisciplinary team and volunteer coordinators to assess bereavement program activities.

Music therapist

Attuned to the sensitive needs of hospice patients, music therapists provide a unique soothing technique. Music therapy practitioners deliver support through each step of the hospice process.

Massage therapist

Hospice patients receive a relieving, positive, professional experience provided by massage therapy. This clinical service addresses a patient’s comfort and impacts their overall health, feeling of wellness and quality of life.

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Medical social workers

Learn more about our hospice opportunities for medical social workers.

medical social worker

We are Encompass Health

It’s really a journey from when they first step into the door because a lot of times, they feel, from my experience as a case manager and working with families, that they don't have that control anymore. They'll come up to us and say, “I feel like I don't have my handle on anything anymore.” So, I think establishing that trust from the get-go and really working as a family. That’s how I enjoy working as being their advocate every step of the way, from day one.

- Encompass Health team member

We are Encompass Health

Striving to define the standard of excellence is implementing quality in everyday pursuits. This is an important value of Encompass Health as we aim to be the leader in home health and hospice industry.

- Encompass Health team member

We are Encompass Health

"Do the right thing the right way, no matter how difficult" means working in an ethically professional manner, providing optimum patient care in compliance with all laws and regulations that govern our industry. This is important to Encompass Health's reputation as the premier provider of rehabilitation and home/hospice care and to employees who will know their company is ethically strong.

- Encompass Health team member

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