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Innovative technology

Our homecare software offers an integrated approach that connects everyone along a patient’s care journey. With Homecare Homebase, each member of a patient’s coordinated care team can count on real-time data, which ensures that everyone has the most current information. This knowledge helps the team make the best decisions possible - ones that can improve patient satisfaction, optimize treatment and dramatically improve outcomes.

Predictive analytics and machine learning

Through our predictive analytics software, we have access to extensive home health clinical data that helps our teams better manage and coordinate care. These tools help communication across teams, streamline processes and improve the overall patient experience.

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Homecare Homebase

Through our state-of-the-art Homecare Homebase software solutions, virtually all aspects of our clinical operations are streamlined, from referral processing, to scheduling and patient visit documentation, with timely management of physician orders. Our technology provides efficiency and helps us deliver better patient outcomes.

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Encompass Health Connection

Our web-based portal delivers increased transparency into a patient’s history, progress and customized plan of care. Encompass Health Connection provides clarity and collaboration to the home health experience.

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