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Amanda Burgos patient success story


Amanda Burgos walked into an urgent care clinic complaining of feeling unwell, but left by ambulance after collapsing in the floor due to a massive heart attack. The Northwest Fire Department came to Amanda’s rescue shocking her with a defibrillator three times on the scene and twice more during transport to save her life. Burgos received about an hour of CPR by paramedic Matt Storms.

Michelle Lundy patient success story


Born with spina bifada and severe scoliosis, Michelle Lundy has undergone more than 80 surgeries to keep her pain-free and functioning to the best of her ability. At just 40 years old, she’s lost her ability to walk in part due to her legs being amputated because of bone infection; however, the team at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Northwest Tucson is helping her on her journey to walk again.

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