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Woman hit by car in June reunites with caretakers

COLUMBIA - Patricia Beasley entered MU Health Care's University Hospital today fully recovered and with a smile on her face as doctors and nurses came to celebrate her recovery.

In June 2019, a woman hit Beasley as she was crossing Ash Street at Eighth Street. Beasley was with Katie Paul, who died from her injuries.

Nurse Practitioner Laura Besgrove performed CPR on Beasley. Besgrove says she was in ICU for 15-20 days before being transferred to Rusk Rehabilitation Hospital.

"You get a short view into these peoples lives in their most devastating times in their lives and their family's lives," Besgrove said. "It's really awesome to have her come back and be willing to come back and share her life with us still."

Beasley's injuries included two skull fractures, two brain bleeds, four pelvis fractures, three rib fractures, three vertebrae fractures, a broken ulna, and two and a half knocked out teeth.

Beasley said each day she was in Rusk Rehabilitation, she had a physical therapist, occupational therapist, and a speech therapist work with her. Yet, she was able to walk out of Rusk without the help of a cane or walker.

Today, she was anxiously awaiting to see those who took care of her. She said she didn't remember anything while her stay in ICU.

"They saw me when I was rough," Beasley said. "I probably didn't even smile. My face was crazy, my hair was probably crazy. I was just so excited because today I've grown so much."

Beasley lost a lot from the accident. Besgrove decided to give her a little surprise today.

"Since she was a pedestrian, her clothes and purse were torn," Besgrove said. "I wanted to give her back something she had before to kind of remind her where she was before all this happened. You always need a cute black purse."

A GoFundMe was created for Beasley while she was recovering. A total of $16,477 was raised.