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COVID-19 survivor returns home after nearly six months in hospital


After nearly six months in the hospital battling COVID-19, Lloyd Jarrell was finally able to return home to his wife.

Thomas’ story: Getting back to his pre-stroke life


After suffering a stroke, Thomas Bologna, 64, had little hope that he would be able to return to his former life. By the time Thomas left Encompass Health Ocala, he was walking 220 feet with a walker and was independent with transfers.

Judy Sims' rehabilitation story


After multiple stays in the hospital and skilled nursing facilities, Judy Sims arrived at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Ocala with one specific goal—she wanted to be able to walk more than 50 feet, and she wanted to do so before her grandson’s birthday.

Hospital Happenings

Sandra was leaving church when she began losing sight in her right eye. After seeking medical care, Sandra was diagnosed with an acute stroke and was told she likely would never walk again. When Sandra arrived to Encompass Health Ocala, she required assistance with self-care tasks and mobility. Sandra was eager to gain independence, and her main goal was to walk again. Upon discharge, Sandra was able to independently walk with a walker and complete all self-care tasks on her own. Sandra was also able to walk on uneven surfaces outside. Congratulations, Sandra! We were happy to help with your journey to recovery.

- Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Ocala


Hospital Happenings

At only 38 years old, Lloyd Jarrell was diagnosed with COVID in February and faced many related complications. After being discharged from the hospital in July, he was finally ready to begin recovery. He came to Encompass Health Ocala, the trusted choice for therapy needed to return home safely. Lloyd was able to demonstrate how much progress he had made during his stay with the help of Carissa, PTA. We are so proud of Lloyd's accomplishments!

- Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Ocala

Lloyd Jarrell

Hospital Happenings

John Lillie, a truck driver in Ocala, felt left side weakness while working in Missouri. He was able to call 911 and spent two weeks at a hospital in Missouri. His care team suggested rehabilitation at a local facility, but John wanted to return home to Ocala and be close to his family.

- Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Ocala

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John Lillie

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