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Find out the latest news at our hospital.

More than 80% of patients return home following rehabilitation at The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis.


In an interview with KSDK, Dr. Prateek Grover, medical director at The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis, shares about the goals of inpatient rehabilitation and how the hospital is helping individuals return to their normal lives.

Timothy's story – Keeping art in motion


Collecting sports card and comic books was a regular pastime for Georgia resident Timothy Hill, 65. When he wasn’t working as a a General Motors inspector in St. Charles, Missouri, you could sit with him for hours looking over his collections. On the weekends, you may even catch him bowling, fishing or practicing his strokes in art.

The amputee's team story – Leaders of the pack


Healing after a life-changing illness or injury often goes beyond expert medical care. Support groups can offer a different kind of healing where medicine and therapy don’t apply. Joining others who share similar experiences, struggles, limitations or emotions provides an environment that fosters encouragement as well as an exchange of knowledge and resources.

Hank's story – Embracing a new normal


After a blood clot caused catastrophic damage to Hank Zabielski’s leg in 2004, he had little reservations regarding the amputation that ultimately followed. Nearly a year had been spent trying to save it when Hank made the call. “I told them I was ready to remove it,” Hank said. “I gladly and voluntarily gave it up.”

Dr. Alexandre Carter, an independent practice physician at The Rehabilitation Hospital of St. Louis on the Pulse of St. Louis


Dr. Alexandre Carter, an independent practice physician at The Rehabilitation Hospital of St. Louis and former patient Kathy Howard bring awareness to stroke prevention, warning signs and the right care after stroke.

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Learn about mild head injury, concussion and chronic traumatic encephalopathy

Mild head injuries and concussions are the most common type of head injury, with more than 2 million injuries occurring each year. Attend this virtual CEU opportunity to learn more about the effects and treatment of these injuries. Guest speaker Dr. Richard Senelick specializes in both neurology and the subspecialty of neurorehabilitation.

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