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51-year-old spends weeks in ICU and rehabilitation to recover from COVID-19

Phil Neff considered himself an active and healthy 51-year-old who enjoyed hiking the trails of Columbia. However, in mid-July he contracted COVID-19 and his symptoms continued to worsen in the weeks ahead. On July 27, Phil was admitted to the hospital where he spent several weeks in the ICU and was finally released on August 13. Prior to being discharged from the hospital, Phil got the COVID-19 vaccine and convinced his wife and parents to do the same.

To continue his recovery, Phil was admitted to Rusk Rehabilitation Hospital for therapy. When he arrived, he needed oxygen and both physical and occupational therapy to rebuild his strength and regain the ability to safely perform daily tasks. After a nearly two week stay, Phil was able to return home on August 25. He hopes that by sharing his story, he may encourage others to get vaccinated. In an interview with KTVO, Phil shared: “I know some people have worries and concerns, especially when it comes to your body. I know most people have a physician that they’ve seen for years and have a relationship with and trust. If they have worries and concerns, it would be good to reach out to somebody like that to ask questions and get advice if they’re still concerned about getting vaccinated.” Learn more about Phil’s recovery at KTVO.