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Educational resources

Our educational resources and clinical experts provide a multitude of beneficial materials and videos to help patients and families navigate their path of rehabilitation and recovery. This includes articles and research on topics such as stroke, neurological diseases, movement disorders, pain management, and nutrition and wellness. Medical specialists offer powerful, knowledgeable insight into the facts, research and treatments for better health and positive rehabilitation outcomes.

Encompass Health Press Books


Living with Stroke: A Guide For Patients and Their Families

In the latest edition of Living With Stroke: A Guide for Families, stroke survivors and their families, friends, and caregivers can find facts and figures on neuralplasticity
mechanisms that can create a stroke, the process of rehabilitation, constraint therapy and much more.


Living With Brain Injury: A Guide For Families

This new, updated edition of Living With Brain Injury: A Guide for Families helps families of patients with advice, support and information about the options available to them.


Multiple Sclerosis: A New Journey

In Multiple Sclerosis: A New Journey, the reader will find everything they and their loved ones need to know about handling the diagnosis, managing symptoms, understanding progression, demystifying disease-modifying therapy, rehabilitation options, disability awareness and much more.

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