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Why rehabilitative care?

We exist to provide exemplary care for patients who are ready to be discharged from an acute hospital, but still need help to perform essential daily tasks. Our connected care and customized treatment plans are designed to bridge the gap between hospital and home.

Becoming a patient

Patients who are being discharged from an acute care hospital, another rehabilitation facility, or who are struggling to remain independent at home, come to Encompass Health for customized rehabilitative care. Patients can contact us directly , be referred through our in-home evaluation service or by family, friends, employers or other healthcare professionals. We know navigating healthcare can be overwhelming and we can help. Contact one of our hospitals today for help understanding your options and how Encompass Health can meet your needs.

Transfer from hospital

Encompass Health can work directly with your acute care hospital to facilitate a seamless transition into rehabilitative care. When transferring a patient, our expert rehabilitation liaisons perform preadmission screenings, including a chart review and discussions with healthcare personnel. We also meet with the patient and their family to answer questions and address pertinent information and concerns.

Home evaluation

Helping our patients achieve superior outcomes often begins with our no-cost, in-home evaluation process. An expert rehabilitation clinician or therapist will visit you to assess whether rehabilitation can help with your specific condition or diagnosis. To request a home evaluation, contact one of our hospitals.

Encompass Health Patient Journey

What to expect

When you choose Encompass Health as your rehabilitation partner, you get access to leading clinicians who will customize your treatment to meet your specific needs and goals.

While each patient’s coordinated care plan is different, most daily schedules follow the same basic routine. A patient’s personalized therapy schedule is provided each evening so our patients know what to expect the following day.

Want to know what a day in the life of an Encompass Health patient looks like?

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Our nationwide network

With inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and home health and hospice agencies across the U.S., we stand ready to be your post-acute provider of choice.

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