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Victor Gonzales Villatoro finally returns home after six months of fighting COVID

After a six-month long hospital stay fighting COVID-19, a double lung transplant, and weeks in rehabilitation therapy, Victor Gonzales Villatoro was finally able to return home. Victor remained unconscious and on ECMO for several months while in acute care, and finally regained the strength to receive a double lung transplant on March 1. He came to Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital to continue his recovery, and he arrived at the inpatient rehabilitation hospital needing a walker to assist his mobility. After a week and a half of intensive therapy, he recently left Cardinal Hill walking on his own and with incredible progress in occupational therapy. While Victor will continue outpatient therapy at Cardinal Hill and has a long road to full recovery ahead, his care team at Cardinal Hill is proud of and encouraged by his progress.

His wife and his physical therapist, Joe Townsend, proudly watched as Villatoro walks on his own, out of Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital. He will continue his outpatient therapy at Cardinal Hill. Learn more about his story on WKYT:

Source: WKYT