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Amputee rehabilitation

Our history of proven success in amputee care is well-known. Through our vast experience with the latest technologies and treatments for amputee patients, Encompass Health has what it takes to help our patients progress toward independence. We change lives for the better by focusing on the unique aspects of amputee care.

How we can help

With compassion as our driving force, our talented teams work with patients and their loved ones to develop coping skills and help them adjust to life after amputation. Whether shaping a residual limb for prosthesis, learning about skin care or training on prosthetic gait and limb maintenance, we work to answer our patients’ questions, increase their independence in daily living skills and focus on mobility with and without prosthesis.

Why we're different

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Customized care plan

As an Encompass Health patient, you’re in good hands. We provide each patient a personal evaluation that outlines your individualized treatment plan. Because results matter, we work with other providers to connect care at each step – from the acute care hospital to an inpatient, outpatient or home health setting. To deliver higher-quality care to our patients, we work with specially trained prosthetists to help measure, design, fabricate fit and service prostheses for our patients.  

Team approach

From psychologists who provide emotional support to wound specialists who evaluate needs and risk factors of pressure areas, each patient’s highly trained rehabilitation team helps us raise the bar for rehabilitation following an amputation. Each team member communicates and collaborates with other members of the patient care team, playing a crucial role in our proven, connected approach.

Superior outcomes

When it comes to setting goals and meeting them, we have high expectations. We are dedicated to our patients and passionate about changing their lives for the better. When it comes to our amputee rehabilitation program, you can expect nothing less than the best. We work with each patient to set goals for their recovery, and actively graph their progress toward independence.

We use our advanced technologies to treat patients recovering after an amputation.

patient and therapist using sabeoflex technology