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Brain injury rehabilitation

No two patients recovering from a brain injury are alike. With a proven history of effective, specialized brain injury rehabilitation, we instill confidence in our patients and their loved ones. By combining the most innovative and advanced technologies with our highly trained team of experts, we ensure that each patient receives the best possible care for their needs.

How we can help

At Encompass Health, we stop at nothing to help our patients who have had a brain injury achieve superior outcomes, changing their lives for the better. We know that no two brain injuries are alike and we’re committed to developing customized treatment plans to reflect that. Whether focusing on refining a hand grip or improving a patient’s ability to plan and organize, we lead the way to better care through enhanced technology, specialized therapy and a coordinated care team.

Why we're different

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Customized care plan

Your brain is different than everyone else’s, so why shouldn’t your brain injury treatment be? We partner with each of our patients to personalize a treatment plan designed specifically to help your unique symptoms.

Team approach

As an Encompass Health patient, you have access to not only the most advanced technologies, but also industry-leading clinicians and professionals who make up our coordinated care teams. Our culture of collaboration and proactive communication helps us deliver higher quality patient care.

Superior outcomes

We constantly work to set the standard for the future of brain injury rehabilitation. Together with our patients, we set challenging, but attainable rehabilitation goals that help them maximize their recovery.

We use our advanced technologies to treat patients affected by brain injury.