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Pain management

Pain is a natural response when our body warns us that something is wrong, but for those with chronic pain, it doesn’t stop. Chronic pain can become so severe that it disrupts daily activities and normal living. When chronic pain begins to impact work, sleep or relationships, rehabilitation therapy may help.

How we can help

If you have a chronic pain disease or experience recurring pain from an illness or injury, rehabilitation may be right for you. Our pain management program at Encompass Health combines a comprehensive team approach to care with custom treatment plans to help our patients achieve active, independent lives.

Why we're different

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Customized care plan

For each patient experiencing chronic pain, we develop a plan that can help reduce and manage pain. We begin each patient’s treatment with a thorough assessment, identifying the source of pain and the steps necessary to reduce or eliminate discomfort. Our long history of successful treatments begins and ends with this custom care approach.

Team approach

With a specialized group of experts assigned to each patient, we raise the bar of traditional pain management to deliver a higher-quality care. We develop individualized treatment plans that can help reduce and manage pain, making life easier for our patients and their loved ones. Pain management treatment at Encompass Health includes medication management, occupational therapy, physical therapy, nutritional counseling, patient and family education and more.

Superior outcomes

At Encompass Health, we create programs that work. Through our pain management program, patients become more self-sufficient, decrease or eliminate the need for pain medication, and learn how to avoid future health problems. We partner with each patient and their loved ones to ensure that when they leave our care, they are set up for success.

We use our advanced technologies to treat patients.

patient and therapist using sabeoflex technology