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Pulmonary rehabilitation

In addition to slowing the progression of long-term pulmonary diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the pulmonary rehabilitation program at Encompass Health can reduce shortness of breath, improve endurance and increase independence and quality of life.

How we can help

Through an individualized treatment plan that includes advanced assessments, exercises and education, our patients learn how to manage chronic lung disease, live more independently and avoid future health problems.

Why we're different

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Customized care plan

No two lung diseases are alike, so why should pulmonary rehabilitation be? Pulmonary care at Encompass Health includes a care plan, tailored to each patient’s specific condition and needs. Our ultimate goal is to inspire confidence in our patients, improving the lives of them and their loved ones.

Team approach

With a dedicated team of experts assigned to assist each patient, it’s no surprise that our pulmonary rehabilitation program has a long history of successful results. Through proactive communication and a collaborative approach to each patient’s care, we provide better care for our patients recovering from chronic pulmonary conditions. Our expert team of nurses, therapists, case managers, physicians and hospital staff is committed to providing safe, quality and cost-effective care to all patients.

Superior outcomes

When it comes to patient care, we don’t just meet expectations, we set out to exceed them. To ensure we’re providing the highest-quality care, we work with each patient to measure results of their rehabilitation, inspiring confidence in both our patients and their loved ones. When it comes to successful pulmonary rehabilitation, look no further than Encompass Health.

We use our advanced technologies to treat patients affected by chronic pulmonary disease.

  • Game Cycle
  • Krames
  • Makoto
  • MOTOmed
  • BioStep
  • Tran-Sit

patient and therapist using sabeoflex technology