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Spinal cord injury rehabilitation

Spinal cord injuries can create a wide range of symptoms, depending on the severity and location of the injury. In addition to limiting mobility, spinal cord injuries can also result in additional issues, such as respiratory problems. Effective spinal cord rehabilitation at Encompass Health can improve quality of life.

How we can help

At Encompass Health, we know that rehabilitation for spinal cord injury is complex and multifaceted. Our approach is powered by a team of highly qualified experts using advanced technology and treatments. Together, they create an individualized treatment plan to meet physical, cognitive and emotional needs of our patients and their loved ones. We combine the nation’s leading rehabilitation resources, best practices and technology with our years of experience to make a difference in the lives of our patients.

Why we're different

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Customized care plan

Rehabilitation for spinal cord injury requires a specialized plan to enhance each patient’s physical, emotional and psychological abilities. Our patients benefit from personalized neuro-rehabilitation treatments designed to improve their specific skills and help with activities of daily living and mobility.

Team approach

At Encompass Health, we have everything you need for the highest-quality spinal cord injury care. Our team approach puts the right experts and therapies together for the best possible outcomes. Together, they create a custom treatment plan specific to each patient’s needs and work to support the emotional needs of both the patient and caregivers.

Superior outcomes

At Encompass Health, you can count on results. Every minute of every day, our team of experts is focused on creating the best possible results for our patients. With each spinal cord injury, we work hard to help patients feel confident in their strength, functionality and independence.

We use advanced technologies to treat patients affected by spinal cord injury.*