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Stroke rehabilitation

We know that the effects of a stroke are as unique as each of our patients. We also know that many conditions experienced after a stroke respond to specialized rehabilitation. The American Stroke Association specifically recommends intensive, multidisciplinary treatment. We are committed to changing our patients’ lives for the better—that’s why we partner with each of our patients to personalize a treatment plan designed to achieve their goals.

Why choose inpatient rehabilitation for stroke recovery

Stroke rehabilitation at our inpatient rehabilitation hospitals is different. Through our history and expertise in developing and monitoring treatment plans, we’ve discovered the key to success lies in our ability to inspire the confidence needed to move forward after a stroke. We exist to deliver the best care for our patients and are committed to setting the standard in stroke rehabilitation.

At an inpatient rehabilitation hospital, you’ll receive at least three hours of inpatient rehabilitative therapy five days per week. By combining speech, occupational and physical therapy, your team of therapists will work with you on achieving your unique goals. Our functional approach to therapy includes daily activities such as grooming, dressing, cooking, leisure activities and more. Many of our activities of daily living suites are complete with bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms to give you a chance to practice the skills you’ll rely on most when you return home.

We use our advanced technologies to treat patients affected by stroke.

Why we are different

Superior outcomes

Round the clock nursing care

State of the art therapy gyms

Therapy at least three hours a day, five days a week

Specialized nurses

Rehabilitation physician oversight

Our nationwide network

With a national footprint of inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, Encompass Health is committed to delivering high-quality, cost-effective care across the post-acute continuum.

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Together to End Stroke

Together to end strokeIn 2019, Encompass Health embarked on a three-year strategic national sponsorship of the American Stroke Association’s Together to End Stroke initiative. By working together, we can show how stroke is treatable, beatable and preventable.
According to the 2016 adult stroke rehabilitation guidelines released by the American Heart Association, whenever possible, stroke patients should be treated at an in-patient rehabilitation facility rather than a skilled nursing facility.

"While at an in-patient rehabilitation facility, a patient participates in at least three hours of rehabilitation a day from physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists. Nurses are continuously available and doctors typically visit daily. An in-patient rehabilitation facility may be a free-standing facility or a separate unit of a hospital." (SOURCE: AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION, INC.)

About our sponsorship

What our patients are saying

"I lived alone; I was driving; I was living my life as a regular 20-year-old, and all of a sudden I wasn't. Encompass Health of North Memphis helped me set goals for myself that I could achieve. My goal was I wanted to live by myself again, to be able to go up and down stairs and play tennis again. You're not just a patient. Your team knows you and your challenges and victories and remembers you long after you leave."

- Taylor TerBurgh

What our patients are saying

"I was told I would never walk, talk, drive my boat or anything like that, but as we see today, I have movement. [Encompass Health Ocala] are the ones that got me out of bed. What I learned here was to get out of that bed, to keep moving and keep fighting. Once I got here, I was ready to give up, but they changed my mentality."

- Americo De La Guardia

What our patients are saying

"When I was in the ICU, I was really scared for what rehabilitation was going to be. In the first two or three days, I was thinking, 'Why am I here, this isn't going to work.' It did. Patience is everything."

- Steffany Quintana

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