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The following region contains a Google 3D virtual tour feature that allows a user to view the Encompass Health facility. To assist screen reader users in understanding what is presented in the 3D virtual tour, each image view is independently described within lists that can be found under each linked heading. The room links below our virtual tour leave this website and go directly to Google maps to walk through the hospital.

Please click on the arrows to navigate through the hallways on each floor. Use the "L" options on the right-hand side of the tour window below to navigate through different areas/floors of the hospital for a full virtual tour. See a key to "L" areas below.

L0 - Lobby
  • Lobby/Foyer of hospital accessed through main hospital entrance.
  • Main desk in lobby entrance for receptionist and admitting area.
  • Chairs for patients and visitors to use.
  • Multiple tables throughout therapy gym to assist in patient therapies.
  • Exercise equipment throughout gym to be used with technologies in therapy sessions.
  • Small stairs to assist in building patient’s strength.
  • Outdoor area for rest and relaxation with multiple tables and chairs/benches.
  • Walking track with small stairs for building patient endurance.
  • Area for gardening and mailboxes around courtyard area.
  • Multiple tables and chairs for patients, visitors, and family to sit together.
  • Television with chairs available for use.
  • Vending machines for drinks and snacks available for purchase.
  • Desk in hospital area for nurses to document in patient area.
  • Hallway leading to other areas of hospital and patient rooms.
  • Patient room with bed, sink, bathroom, TV and chair for visitors.
  • Wardrobe with storage for personal effects is under the television.
  • Small desk area with chair.
  • Window with exterior view.

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