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Our Purpose

We serve our patients and communities through customized rehabilitation that exceeds expectations. Our care teams are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes and getting patients back to what matters most.

A Message From Dr. Lisa Charbonneau, Chief Medical Officer

 Dr. Lisa Charbonneau

When I tell people what I do for a living, there is usually a moment of hesitation before I start explaining myself. I am a physiatrist, a physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

I was drawn to the holistic approach of patient care that is the basis of physiatry; not just treating patients for a few days and then not knowing their long-term outcomes. I always followed my patients to the rehab unit to see how they were recovering and regaining function after a catastrophic illness or injury. 

I am fortunate in that I chose a field of medicine that has provided me with many opportunities. At the end of the day, I feel good about what I do with my time, whether you call it “fizz-eye-a-tree,” “fizzy-a-tree,” or “rehabilitation medicine.” It is predicted that as the population ages, the demand for doctors in my field of medicine will increase. There is still hope that one day people will not confuse me with a podiatrist or psychiatrist, but will understand that what I do for a living is help the living do all they can for themselves.

Read more about Dr. Lisa Charbonneau’s journey from shy introverted medical student to an executive of the nation’s leading provider of inpatient rehabilitation.

The Encompass Health Way

Set the standard

We are committed to going above and beyond, never settling for anything less than excellence. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders and challenge ourselves to continuously improve.

Lead with empathy

We start with empathy, taking the time to understand the physical, mental and emotional needs of each other and those we support. We listen, make deep connections and engage on a personal level to better serve those we support.

Do what’s right

We do the right thing the right way, no matter how difficult, even when no one is looking. We’re not afraid to have hard conversations. If we make a mistake, we acknowledge it, proactively find a resolution and make it right going forward.

Focus on the positive

We have a positive spirit and find the light even in the most difficult situations. We bring our whole self to work. We celebrate successes and inspire others to create meaningful impact.

Stronger together

We believe our individual strengths make us stronger together. We take accountability for our actions, connect across teams and lean in to get it done – at all levels of the company.

Fulfilling and Rewarding Inpatient Work

Rehabilitation hospitals offer a rewarding experience where you will see your patients improve and regain their independence, all while having a flexible schedule and work-life balance. At Encompass Health, you can take advantage of:

  • Training and development
  • Online continuing education opportunities
  • Mentorships
  • Leadership development programs

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