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Options for rehabilitation can be as vast as the conditions that require it. The most important path to follow is the one that best meets the specific needs of each individual. At South Plains Rehabilitation Hospital, an affiliate of UMC and Encompass Health, we are here to help you navigate those options, placing your needs and goals first to ensure you receive better care for superior outcomes. This includes applying intense therapies, expert knowledge and innovative solutions within the scope of our services, raising the bar as a healthcare leader for excellence in care.

Programs and Conditions

at South Plains Rehabilitation Hospital, an affiliate of UMC and Encompass Health

This hospital may not treat all conditions.

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Patient sitting to use rehabilitation technology with a therapist

Superior Outcomes

We are focused on two things: the progress our patients make and the outcomes they achieve. This is evidenced by our industry-leading performance scores.

We want you to get better, and to make that happen, we need to know where you began. Upon arrival at one of our hospitals, we will measure how much help you need to perform basic skills – this is called your Functional Outcome Measures. Your rehabilitation team will review these with you, set challenging but attainable goals, and design a treatment plan to help you meet your specific goals. Before you leave the hospital, we will rescore your Functional Outcome Measures assessment to see how much you’ve improved, determine how well you have met your goals, and provide you the materials and training you need to continue your progress after you leave the hospital.

Our Innovative Technology

at South Plains Rehabilitation Hospital, an affiliate of UMC and Encompass Health
  • MOTOmed
  • XSensor
  • Synchrony™1 OmnisEMG System
  • Saebo MAS
  • Bioness Integrated Therapy System (BITS®)


patient and therapist using SaeboFlex technology

Onsite Dialysis

If you or your loved one require dialysis while in our care, you can receive it in the comfort of our hospital. Our portable dialysis machine makes dialysis easy and convenient. Instead of having to transfer to another care facility to receive your dialysis, our care team can administer this life-sustaining procedure at our hospital.

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