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Why Choose Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Vineland

Rehabilitation following an injury or illness is a journey not to be taken alone. At Encompass Health, our specialized rehabilitation programs are made even more powerful by the nurses and therapists who are dedicated to getting you back to what matters most – together.

When you choose Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Vineland for your rehabilitation, you receive compassionate care and advanced therapy from an expert team striving to help you meet your unique goals.

At our hospital you will receive:

  • Three hours of therapy, five days per week
  • 24/7 nursing care, including nurses who specialize in rehabilitation
  • Frequent visits from a physician*

*We provide access to independent physicians.

The Power of Trust

Every patient has a unique story behind why they need rehabilitation. Our nurses and therapists are passionate about taking the next step in that journey together, to help you get back to what matters most. It’s what makes us the trusted choice in rehabilitation services.

Learn More About Rehabilitation

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Better Rehabilitation Starts Here

Each patient’s recovery is different. At Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Vineland, our expert clinicians combine the latest technologies, real-world simulations and advanced therapies into a treatment plan that helps you achieve what’s important to you. Our specialties include, but are not limited to:


Neurological icon

Neurological rehabilitation

Our experienced neurorehabilitation team uses innovative technology combined with proven therapy techniques to help patients with brain injuries Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), Guillain-Barré syndrome, Lou Gehrig’s disease and other conditions that affect the brain and nervous system. Treatments can help with mobility, speech, swallowing, spasticity and cognitive function.

orthopedic icon

Orthopedic rehabilitation

Advanced therapy is crucial to the recovery process after trauma injuries, hip fracture, joint replacement, amputation and other orthopedic injuries. Our clinicians develop care plans that improve mobility and overall function, reduce the risk of falls, educate on wound care and prosthesis and reduce pain so you can live your life to the fullest.


Stroke therapy icon

Stroke rehabilitation

As leaders in stroke rehabilitation, we help patients adjust to and treat the mental and physical effects of stroke, with the goal of regaining their greatest level of independence. Our experts help identify your needs and improve complications commonly associated with stroke such as slurred speech, one-sided weakness, neuropathy, spasticity and loss of cognitive function.

Spinal cord injury icon

Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation

Rehabilitation for spinal cord injury is complex and multifaceted. Our approach is powered by a team of highly skilled clinicians using adaptive techniques and therapies to meet the physical, cognitive and emotional needs of patients. In our specialized program, patients work toward a great level of function that may also include respiratory therapy and a bowel and bladder management program.