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Judy's story

After multiple stays in the hospital and skilled nursing facilities, Judy Sims arrived at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Ocala with one specific goal—she wanted to be able to walk more than 50 feet, and she wanted to do so before her grandson’s birthday.

Prior to her hospital and nursing home stays, Judy was living with her daughters and could care for herself, but walking was a problem. She relied heavily on a motorized scooter. Her immobility left her weak and deconditioned. Judy needed rehabilitation to help her build back her strength, so she could in fact walk again and care for herself.

At Encompass Health Ocala, she underwent extensive physical and occupational therapy that focused on improving her mobility. Her care team focused on daily tasks and standing tolerance.

“I loved working with the therapists,” Judy said. “Everyone pushed me to do more.”

Judy never gave up and worked hard to meet her goals. When her grandson’s birthday came, she was still at Encompass Health Ocala, but that was OK, she said, “because I needed all the therapy I could get.”

A few days after her grandson’s birthday, she was walking more than she had in years.

At the time of her discharge, she could get out of her bed on her own and walk more than 200 feet with a walker. She could also bathe and dress herself once again, another important goal for Judy.