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Hospital Happenings


Due to COVID-19, Chanta has spent the last few months fighting for her life. In March, Chanta was critically ill with COVID-19, requiring intubation and extensive medical treatments. When she came to us for rehabilitation after being hospitalized for a month, she needed two people to stand and had to re-learn how to walk, talk and eat. She also needed supplemental oxygen to breathe.

At first, Chanta did not have the motivation to participate in therapy, but her dedicated care team pushed her to see her own potential. Her diligent physical, occupational and speech therapists worked with her daily, focusing on her progress. They even worked with Chanta in their free time. Seeing their dedication was a turning point for Chanta, and she began to make huge strides after that.

After spending a month at Encompass Health Braintree, Chanta is walking on her own, taking care of herself independently, talking more clearly and does not need supplemental oxygen. She has a completely new outlook on life. Chanta has not only made physical gains, but she also has taken the time to work on her mental health. She has taken this experience as an opportunity to strengthen relationships in her family and take on a much more positive outlook on life.

Chanta is extremely grateful for her care team at Encompass Health Braintree and said that they went above and beyond expectations. When asked what the best part of her experience was, she said, “the teamwork of the staff." Thank you, Chanta, for choosing Encompass Health. We are so thrilled that you are back home with your family!