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Hospital happenings


Betty had a stroke following a cardiac procedure that left her needing extensive assistance for all aspects of life. During her stay at the University of Iowa Health Network Rehabilitation Hospital, our team provided personalized care that addressed her needs.

Betty and her husband attended stoke education classes run by our nurse manager and an occupational therapist. She was also assessed and provided with an orthotic, which improved her safety and independence during walking and transfers. At the time of discharge, she was able to safely return home with her husband and two dogs with only occasional assistance.

Our case managers assisted with setting up home care and equipment to allow for continued success in her rehabilitation journey. “The staff at the hospital push you, but they do it nicely and kindly. They have techniques that just work. They always pat you on the back and care about your safety,” Betty said. “Take care of yourself so you don’t have a stroke. It’s Stroke Awareness Month. Be aware of what you’re doing; it has consequences.”