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Hospital happenings


After suffering a brain hemorrhage, two-year-old Raelynn came to Encompass Health Morgantown due to loss of strength, decreased coordination and stability of her left arm and leg, and slurred speech and word finding deficits. This made it difficult for her to complete age appropriate self-care tasks, mobility and age appropriate play.

Raelynn was always eager to work hard in therapy and through her participation, she was able to regain movement of her left side, coordinate both sides of her body and regain her strength to be able to walk, crawl, play with toys, drink from her sippy cup and use utensils to feed herself. With the assistance of her left orthosis for increased stability of her ankle and knee, Raelynn demonstrated increased standing balance and is walking with minimal assistance for balance. At the time of her discharge, Raelynn was talking at an age appropriate level, using three to four words per sentence, with some five and six word sentences observed, as well!

We are so proud of Raelynn and all of her hard work while here in inpatient rehabilitation, and we are so thankful that we were able to be a part of her recovery journey!