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Occupational Therapy Month

As part of our ongoing celebration of Occupational Therapy Month in April, we continue to spotlight our OT team members! This week, our spotlight focuses on OTs, Demi Dooros and Mackenzie Breitowich. Please join us in thanking and recognizing both of these outstanding OTs for their contributions to our team and patients!

What should everyone know about the impact Occupational Therapy can have on our patients? Mackenzie says, "Occupational Therapists meet the individuals where they are, often during a vulnerable time in their life. Our work encompasses the whole person, incorporating tips and tricks to navigate recovery and find ways to return to meaningful life." 

What are you most proud of about your OT colleagues? Demi says, "I am most proud of the way my OT colleagues demonstrate empathy when working with their patients. I feel they really make an effort to make a strong connection with their patients. Through building that personal connection, they are able to better serve their patients and help them achieve their personal rehab goals. Also, I feel they are all very passionate about the work we do here and it goes a long way in helping to improve patient outcomes and their experience at our hospital."