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Hospital Happenings

Michael Napoletano

After Michael Napoletano, 72, lost consciousness at home, he was taken to the hospital where he underwent a coronary artery bypass graft to restore blood flow in an artery. Too weak to return home immediately, he and his daughter made the decision for him to go to Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Toledo to regain lost strength, balance and endurance.

It’s very common after a coronary artery bypass surgery for patients to feel weak, fatigued, sore and have a loss of appetite. A customized cardiac rehabilitation program implemented by a multidisciplinary team of therapists, nurses, pharmacists, physicians, nutritionists and others helps a patient reach their personal needs and goals.

The team provided him with three hours of therapy for five days a week during his 12-day stay and helped him progress from needing a lot of help to needing very little upon his return home. While Michael continues to regain strength at home, he left feeling more confident and was able to get around using only a walker.