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Educational assistance programs

Encompass Health offers opportunities for financial assistance as you grow and develop your knowledge and skills. Reimbursement of tuition is available upon completion of pre-approved, job-related courses that are offered through an accredited institution and scheduled outside normal working hours. In addition, the employee must be working toward a degree. Tuition reimbursement is subject to budgeting considerations.

Development plans

A custom development plan allows you to chart goals and identify ways to gain the knowledge, skills, and competencies you will need to grow in your role. It makes sense to build a plan based on multiple strategies, such as becoming an expert and then working toward the skills necessary for advancement. Encompass Health supports you in this process through manager support, career-planning resources, hands-on opportunities and engaging learning content to help you meet your personal career goals.

Management and leadership programs

If you are a supervisor, manager or leader you can expect support and guidance as you support others. After you learn about our fundamental expectations in Managing the Encompass Health Way, you can continue your growth and development several ways. You can take advantage of supplemental learning available online, get involved in special projects, offer to become a preceptor or apply for one of our structured development programs such as Developing Future CEOs and Developing Future CNOs. Discuss these and other options with your supervisor and consider how you want to continue to grow.