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Choosing the right person for open positions is essential to retaining employees. Not only do you want to hire candidates who can perform well in the role, but who can also grow and develop for a long career at the company. Encompass Health offers many tools and resources to help in your hiring and selection efforts. During your orientation to the role, you will learn more about these resources.


Just as it is important that you are acclimated well and provided with the information, tools and feedback to perform well in your new role, it is your responsibility as a manager to do the same with new employees. Not only do new employees need role clarification and to understand compliance information and policies, but they also need help connecting to others to build relationships while understanding the hospital’s culture and environment. Encompass Health offers guidance, tools and checklists to make onboarding new employees easier.

Employee development

Helping employees to be successful in the current role and helping them move forward in their development toward their career aspirations helps you retain employees over time. With resources such as development plans, you can coach employees through their development and guide them toward our many online and classroom offerings.