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Day one through your first year

To ensure you know what is expected of you, your supervisor and/or human resources director contacts you to provide you information, check in with you, introduce you to your team, and assign a buddy to you. If you haven’t done so already, you must complete the pre-employment paperwork. You should have received instructions regarding how to access and your login. If you have not, please contact human resources as soon as possible.

Your first day

You can expect to receive additional information from human resources regarding your first day of work with us. This may include when to arrive, where to park, where to report and appropriate attire.

When you arrive on your first day, proceed to the receptionist desk and ask for your human resources contact or your manager.

If you have not already provided the following items, it is important that you bring them with you:

  • Professional license (as appropriate)
  • CPR card (as appropriate)
  • Proof of eligibility to work such as: a passport, permanent resident card or driver’s license and birth certificate.

During your first day, you receive an identification badge. You are required to wear this badge each day that you report for work.

You attend orientation to help you better understand company operations, policies and other important information.

Your first month

During your first month, you learn more about your department and your position. Your manager sets the expectations for your first 90 days and helps you acclimate to the new role. He/she communicates appropriate policies and procedures, helps you with team dynamics, provides feedback to your efforts, understands what drives you to be the best you can be and ensures you have the opportunity to take the necessary training you need.

Your first 90 days

During this time, you and your manager continue communications and building relationships. Your manager continues to monitor and provide feedback regarding your work efforts, addresses any of your concerns and ensures the team is working effectively. At 90 days, you receive your first formal evaluation which allows you and your manager to evaluate your performance. This is a good opportunity to discuss your continued development in the role.

Your first year

During your first year, you can start exploring your career options. First, make sure you are performing well in your current role and meeting patients and team needs. Take some time to learn about different career opportunities, such as advancement, lateral moves, specialization and growing expertise.

Encompass Health helps support your career development with resources to help you conduct research and create a customized career plan. Your manager is an invaluable resource as well, as they can help offer suggestions and guidance in your career planning discussions. You may choose to focus on your current role, but you may just find something else you want to develop towards during your career at Encompass Health.


You may be required to travel for your job. Encompass Health has a specific policy and guidelines regarding travel and expenses. For employees who travel for the company, it is important that they understand the policy to ensure timely and approved reimbursement of expenses.  

Encompass Health uses a preferred and cost-efficient application for booking company-related travel. It gives employees a timely, automated way to book travel. It also allows employees to select the best flight schedules and provide hotel and car options as well. For every ticket booked through the application, the company saves money. For any travel-related questions prior to your start date, please contact human resources.