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Arthritis rehabilitation

Millions of Americans are diagnosed with arthritis each year. We are here to offer arthritis rehabilitation you can trust. The arthritis rehabilitation programs at Encompass Health were created to help patients manage pain and other side effects so they can lead healthy, active lifestyles. Whether patients are living with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile arthritis, gout or fibromyalgia, we offer comprehensive treatment plans to change our patients’ lives for the better.

How we can help

By focusing on an individualized, seamless care plan, we help patients increase mobility, strength, flexibility and dexterity to minimize pain during daily tasks such as grooming, dressing and driving. We offer pre-surgical strengthening and conditioning techniques to aid in recovery, post-surgery rehabilitation to help regain maximum use of affected joints and ongoing physical therapy to keep joints strong.

Why we’re different

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Customized care plan

Choosing arthritis rehabilitation with Encompass Health means you can expect higher-quality care that is customized to your specific needs. Whether practicing daily tasks such as dressing or learning ways to manage arthritis symptoms and pains, you can expect a treatment plan designed to work for you.

Team approach

We’re fortunate at Encompass Health to have the nation’s leading experts in arthritis care. Our highly trained and qualified rehabilitation team works together to plan and execute treatments for each patient. It’s our passion for helping patients succeed that fuels our commitment to delivering a higher level of care.

Superior outcomes

While there are numerous treatment options for arthritis, rehabilitation can make a noticeable difference in pain relief and coping skills. We see results and inspire confidence in our patients by performing individual assessments to determine strengths and limitations before creating a personalized treatment plan.

We use our advanced technologies to treat patients.

patient and therapist using sabeoflex technology